Causes We Support

Kadesh Foundation works by using resources for prevention and education, as well as for funding existing causes that work directly with human trafficking survivors. Your contribution will increase the aid that we can give.

Scroll down to see a map of current causes we support and information on each.

Do you know of a restoration home ministry that you’d like to connect us with? Let us know.

Rejuvanating Women

A ministry in Omaha, NE that aims to provide hope and restoration to victims and survivors of human tafficking. They build and maintain houses for restoration, with workers and volunteers who counsel, teach, disciple, and train rescuees.

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You are one of the main driving forces behind Rejuvenating Women, and we are grateful for your partnership in serving survivors of human trafficking. We want to begin by thanking you for your generous gift to Rejuvenating Women in 2016. Your gift will have an eternal impact for generations to come as women come to know the transforming power of the Lord in their lives and the lives of those with whom they have a personal touch. Thank you again for your generous gift.

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Pathfinder Center

The name, building, renovations, and mission of Pathfinder Center are orchestrated blessings. They offer safety, self development, and support in a loving environment for human trafficking survivors. While Pathfinder Center has a grant that covers some expenses, we financially support their continued operation with funds towards the mortgage payment for the converted hotel which is their refuge facility for survivors.

Deborah’s Legacy

The mission of Deborah’s Legacy is to provide a sanctuary along with an array of support services and educational opportunities for women. Legacy’s residential program provides two-year housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors that drive women to desperate means for survival. The vision of Legacy is that of women growing individually and collectively, while living in community.

New Light Nepal

NLN is an indigenous agency in Kathmandu working to stop sex trafficking in Nepal at the source. Families live in a twisted culture under obligations to pay astronomical sums equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars to marry their daughters away. It is common for fathers to sell their daughters away, to get rid of the obligation. Some intentionally sell them to traffickers, and others think they are sending their daughters into a beneficial opportunity. NLN works to train the members of the family to stop this from happening and fight trafficking in Nepal.

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Compass 31

Jenni Jessen realized and confronted the reality that she was a survivor of human trafficking. She is now married and went on to start Compass 31, a ministry that globally fights against trafficking and it’s atrocities. They train people on prevention of human trafficking and dicipleship, which are a couple of points at the core of Kadesh Foundation as well!

Justin’s Place and Jill’s Place at St. Matthew’s, Naples, FL

Restoration home and program boasting a success rate of over 80% of graduates two years after graduation do not return to the old destructive lifestyles. (Contact Gabe Miller)

Homestead Refuge

A restoration home in Nebraska, currently under development, with an active mentorship under one of the most successful program models.