Your donation provides a refuge where people engage in discipleship and recovery to allow Christ to make everlasting differences in their lives. Restoration Home programs are a means of ministering to survivors in the wounds left by their traumas, and to help them build healthy lives, including spiritual, societal, emotional, and work aspects.

100% of your contribution funds survivors’ spots in

restoration homes and trafficking prevention

Where We’re Heading

There is a shortage effective restoration homes in the US. In the map below, the green dots are restoration homes that we are supporting. The blue dots represent sites for potential future homes, or existing homes that we aren’t connected with yet. With your help we can change the blue dots to green. Partner with us and join the journey.

where we're heading map of potential future ministries

(Additional ministries we are connected with are featured on the page: Causes We Support)

Goals and Vision

We are a 5 year old non profit 501 c3 foundation that currently uses only volunteers. Our goal is to turn the above map from blue to green. Our vision is accumulate more partners and find a successful fund raising formula. At that time with board approval we will put a paid staff together as needed. In the meantime all expenses are covered by board members. 

What’s Different About Homes Kadesh Foundation Supports?

Everlasting Hope In Christ

Everyone needs the healing that lasts, which only truly comes from a Christ-centered life. These homes revolve around Jesus and a relationship with him, giving survivors a hope and a future.

Long-Term Restoration Programs

It takes years of positive efforts to retrain the negative habits, thoughts, and mindsets. Short-term programs don’t allow survivors time they need to unravel the holds of their old lives. We find homes that are long-term.

Donations Go Entirely To Ministries - Our Expenses Are Covered

We visit with the restoration programs we support on an ongoing basis. We verify that they are actively engaged in restoring the lives of survivors so you can know your contributions are effective.

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A place of refuge God set apart through Joshua after Israel moved into the land.

A.K.A: Cadesh, Cydessa

Other Terms

(When Used On This Website)

Victim- A person under the affliction of trafficking or addiction

Survivor- A person who has escaped circumstances of trafficking or addiction

Please Partner

  1. Help survivors onto a path of lasting hope
  2. Prevent re-entry into slavery and addiction
You can also contribute by check if you mail it to Kadesh Foundation, P.O. Box 1635, North Platte, NE 69103.

By investing in Kadesh Foundation, you too can play a pivotal role in changing the world.

Jenni Jessen

Founder, Compass31 • 2-Year Term, US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking

I want to be able to say “Yes!” instead of saying “No, we are closing our house because we don’t have funds coming in.” Without the dontations that Kadesh gets, it may not be possible for us.

Julie Shrader-

President, Rejuvenating Women

Is Trafficking Near You?

Trafficking is happening in all 50 states, including rural towns. It’s safe to bet that it has or is happening in your town. 

Your can help with this relevant issue.


A short instrumental drama representing one way that unsuspecting youth are ensnared in human trafficking.

Our whiteboard video